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bts telecom

Our company has been active in the telecommunications industry for the last thirteen years and has established long-term partnerships in specialized and demanding projects.


Based on the deep knowledge, development and integrated execution of state-of-the-art technologies, we are always close to the individual and the professional.

Within the scope of our goal of fully meeting the telecommunications needs of the modern consumer, we represent exclusively for Greece mobile accessories  company ttec which is one of the largest pan-European manufacturers, with exports to over 25 countries.

Anthropocentric approach

Cooperation and teamwork

Innovation in providing solutions

Cost savings

Passion for our customers

Business excellence

"To be the first choice of our customers by providing integrated technology of high added value solutions."

Our clients

The broad experience of BTS in different sectors of the Greek market, food, services, information technology, insurance, cosmetics both at B2B and B2C level together with its specialization in demanding projects, are the main ingredients of BTS success and contribute in creating a satisfied and loyal clientele.

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bts telecom


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