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Vodafone Giga Business Cloud services

Bts telecom through Vodafone provides you with an easy-to-use & secure environment that meets your needs for computing power (servers), storage, backup and IT systems, renting on a monthly basis only the IT resources that the business needs.


With Vodafone Giga Business Cloud services you enjoy: 

  • Remote access to corporate systems / infrastructure
  • Enhanced security policies in all infrastructures
  • Cost reduction as there is no need to invest in infrastructure and IT tools
  • Control costs through a dynamically scalable monthly asset
  • Certified DataCenters of high availability in Greece or abroad
  • 24x7 support from the experienced and specialized team of Vodafone 

Contact bts telecom now and get the Internet access that will upgrade your business!

"To be the first choice of our customers by providing integrated technology of high added value solutions."

Our clients

The broad experience of BTS in different sectors of the Greek market, food, services, information technology, insurance, cosmetics both at B2B and B2C level together with its specialization in demanding projects, are the main ingredients of BTS success and contribute in creating a satisfied and loyal clientele.

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